Kevin Mcdonald invites you to join the Mendocino County real estate market through the eyes of a purchaser, developer, or seller. His new website provides a digital lens into the areas finest homes through cutting edge technology features, innovative aerial video footage, and high resolution photos.

Coming from three generations of family locals, Kevin holds expertise in the Mendocino County land, providing buyers and sellers with first hand knowledge and experience. From interest in ag zoned properties to beautiful vineyards and mountainside views, his ability to build relationships comes naturally.

Kevin’s individualized approach to marketing allows him to optimize every experience, starting with a website specifically designed for his market. With community and property guide pages, an integrated MLS search, and a blog for real estate insights and local activities, the site offers an unparalleled experience.  Coupled with Kevin’s self driven dedication and personal knowledge, it makes for an unbeatable experience.

For more information on homes for sale in the Mendocino County, contact Kevin today!